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Kaaya Ismail is an experienced professional in the tourism industry with over 25 years of dedicated experience in hospitality and tour operations. Holding a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Tourism Management and a Master's Degree in Tourism Planning and Management, obtained from the Open University of Tanzania, Kaaya has a strong academic background. His career began in 1998 at Novotel Mount Meru Hotel, where he gained valuable experience and contributed to the development of tourism strategies. Prior to his current role as a Product Development professional at Global Experience Limited, Kaaya worked with various tourism companies, gaining diverse experiences in different areas of the industry. With his extensive knowledge and passion for flora and fauna, Kaaya strives to create tourism products that promote ecological preservation and responsible travel practices, making significant contributions to the industry. Overall, Kaaya Ismail's combination of academic qualifications, industry experience, and dedication to sustainable tourism enables him to play a crucial role in shaping memorable and responsible travel experiences for tourists.




The time I spent together with Nick was magnificent and truly one of a kind. He will go to great lengths to make sure his guests have a great time and make some very unique experiences. Specially his bike tours are a very special and enjoyful way to discover the country. He's a tour guide that shares his home with you and will most surely end up being your friend.

Pascal Damian


It was an awesome time during the tour with Dream Eco Safari. Nick is an experienced guide. I have no regret to organise my tour with him. For my next time in Tanzania I will probably book with him again! He plans everything exactly how you want. Thank you Nick!

Oceane Saugey


We had a wonderful safari experience with Dream Eco Safari. Travel was smooth. Nixon is a keen tour guide with right experience. Driving was cool and used well his expertise. Game drive was great as we saw many animals: lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, rhinos..., and even a group of three cheetahs killing a Thomson gazelle! Nixon organized everything perfectly: safaris, transfers, accommodation and guided tours. We have always felt safe. Nixon and his staff were always friendly and helpful and allowed us to live an unforgettable experience.

Eduard Turon



Biology 12 Januany 2020

Calving Season Tanzania

Calving period is a relatively short period of time but an epic miracle of the mother nature. Imagine how probably is to witness the calving! During 15 o 20 days over half a million of wildebeest are born. READ MORE

Eco 23 April 2019

Eco Safaris

A new way of coming into contact with the wildest nature and admiring its majestic creatures has been born. Giraffes, antelopes, zebras, elephants and many more species can be observed more closely and sustainably. READ MORE

Biology 21 April 2019

Jane Goodall, chimpanzee investigation

After working with the prestigious anthropologist Louis Leakey; in 1960, with no other company than her mother and a cook, she started, in the national park of Gombe (Tanzania), his renowned research project on wild chimpanzees. READ MORE

History 28 March 2018

Julius Nyerere, The Father of Tanzania

Julius Kambarage Nyerere, the father of Tanzania, was a humble leader who unifed tanganika and zanzibar in 1964 and brought democracy and progress for his country. He was also a close friend of Nelson Mandela. READ MORE



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