ECO  23 April 2019


By Nickson N Danielson

What are ecologscal safaris?

A new way of coming into contact with the wildest nature and admiring its majestic creatures has been born. Giraffes, antelopes, zebras, elephants and many more species can be observed more closely and sustainably. The safaris on foot, by bicycle, canoe and hot air balloon allow us to integrate into their habitat and enjoy these animals without the inconvenience caused by noise and pollution produced by off-road vehicles, in which most of safaries carried out.

Are ecological safaris safe?

Almost anyone who hears ecological safaris for the first time thinks, "I don´t think I crossing the African savannah outside the vehicle." As long as clients follow the instructions of the accompanying guides and guards, ecological safaris are completely safe. Out of the security an off-road vehicle transmits, Although we initially feel vulnerable, following the instructions of the professionals is more than enough to avoid taking unnecessary risks. The guides, normally African, used to living with wild animals, will tell you how to behave so as not to disturb the wild fauna. Following the guide in the silence and distance necessary, will provide us with enough security to enjoy without worries of the experience. In addition, in some of the modalities like the safari on foot, a ranger (guard of the natural park), will accompany us armed with a rifle. The weapon, on very rare occasions must be used, since understanding and respecting animals is the best prevention.

The cultural heritage in general and fiction films in particular often convey the idea of certain species of wild animals will attack us just setting foot on their habitat. Nothing could be further from reality. For example, the infamous hyenas, characterized as the evil ones in "The Lion King", although we can think for their evil laugh, they are danger for human, in fact, these mammals tends to run away when they feel close human presence. The famous video that circulates on internet of Maasai tribe men stealing the prey killed by a group of lions, dressed with simple wooden bows, is a good example of how important it is to know the real behavior of the different wild species . It is the security and determination that they transmits, beyond bows and arrows which are not used at any time, what allow them to achieve such a feat. The Arusha National Park, a small park in northern Tanzania, is one of those little-known natural gems where we can go on walking, biking and canoeing safaris. Other Tanzanian parks such as Tarangire and the immense and widely known Serengeti National Park, give us the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful African wildlife, flying across the sky in a hot air balloon. At Ngorongoro crater, which is said to have the highest density of wildlife in Africa, where we can find the big five: lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant, also allows walking and biking safaris.

What are the advantages of an ecological safari?

Standard off-road vehicle safaris are already perhaps the most authentic way to observe the animals in freedom in their own home. In addition, the ecological safaris are totally respectful with the environment, since they are not polluting and they produce a minimum erosion in the natural places. Animals feel less disturbed by noise and allow us to feel more integrated with the nature. It is always more exciting to be able to step on the ground, feel the breeze outside the vehicle bodywork and feel definitively part of the wonderful and ancient African nature. Ecological safaris are also cheaper than classic off-road vehicle safaris.

Dream Eco Safari offers you the possibility to go on safaris on foot, by bike, in canoe and hot air balloon in Tanzania.

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