Documentary  29 March 2018

 Follow the Wind of Tanzania 

By Jose Manuel Charro

Jerrie van de Kop will driven by the wind all across Tanzania. An ecological adventure, kiteboarding the warm waters of the Indian Ocean (Zanzibar), overflying on hot air balloon beauty National Parks full of and the snowy peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, in the hope of raising awareness about the ecological threats to this region.

'To raise awareness for global warning in a positive way. By going on a 23-day expedition lead by only wind itself, I wanted to let the wind guide me through the dry areas and see the drought problem with my own eyes. My trail starts in Zanzibar and leads to the highlands, passing the dry districts of the mainland of Tanzania and Kenya. The wind guided me through one big ecosystem including three different climates: Water, Dry landscape and Snow.' - Jerrie van de Kop.

'A journey is often inspired by the people you meet along the way. Kids in Africa have so much energy. Views crossing the African National Parks in a hot air balloon are stunning, but the effects of global warming can also be seen. Help our cause to save the wildlife.'

Watch the documentary for free here: Follow the Wind Trailer and Full Documentary

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