Why With Us?  

Our Pilars

We believe that the best way to minimize the natural impact in the natural parks is a combination between traditional off-road safari and ecological safaris, by bicycle, canoe, walking and on horse. After all, Dream Eco Safari offers services by and for nature lovers.


All our guides were born and have always lived in Tanzania. In addition, they all have at least 10 years of experience as a guide-driver of safaris.


Several of our clients authorized us to provide their email privately to new clients who are interested in resolving any questions about the trip. So don't hesitate to request it us.


In addition to English, we have guides who speak German, Spanish and French. As all of our driver-guides are from Tanzania, they also can teach you some basic Swahili.


Our safaris are 100% safe. And although prevention is better than cure, Dream Eco Safari includes Flying Doctor services (air ambulance services). at all safaris. Anyway, we really recommend to pay a travel insurance. We can advise you one.

We are one of the few safari companies that hire women guides (mostly for caffee and waterfalls excursions). Most of our benefits remain in Tanzania. We also actively collaborate with the non-profit charitable associations for the development of tanzanian women and children.