Jane Goodall Baby Chimp

Biology  21 April 2019

 Jane Goodall, Chimpanzee Investigation 

By Jose Manuel Charro

After working with the prestigious anthropologist Louis Leakey; in 1960, with no other company than her mother and a cook, she started, in the national park of Gombe (Tanzania), his renowned research project on wild chimpanzees.

The results of the study, disseminated through National Geographic documentaries, among other media, fascinated audiences and the scientific community alike. Numerous aspects of the unknown life of these primates were revealed. Their instrumental behavior, social structure, hunting, war between groups, altruism, adoption ...

The project, with an initial duration of 6 months, turns 59 thanks to support of researchers from the Jane Goodall Institute. It is therefore, one of the in field investigations about animals in freedom more extensive and complete.

Jane Goodall is considered one of the most important scientists of the 20th century. Her work has spread through countless books, scientific articles, interviews and productions for film and TV. Her life and work has been recognized with prestigious awards such as the Spanish Príncipe de Asturias Prize for Research, the Legion of Honor of the French Republic, the title of Lady of the British Empire, the Hubbard Medal of the National Geographic Society and the Japanese Kyoto Prize among others.

Jane Goodall encourages us to respect and protect nature and to reflect on our own specie.

Two essential documentaries to learn more about her life and work are "The Journey of Jane" and "Jane".

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